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The Miracles of Santo Fico | December, 2006 December 1, 2006

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The Miracles of Santo Fico by D.L. Smith

Selected by Nona


The magic of Chocolat meets the charm of Il Postino in this love story set in a forgotten Tuscan village, brimming with unforgettable characters, an enchanting setting, and more than one happy ending.When Leo Pizzola returns from America to Santo Fico–a tiny, forgotten village in Tuscany–he discovers more than the now neglected vineyard of his childhood. There’s Marta, Leo’s first and only true love, who will barely speak to him now; Topo, his once trusting, but now leery, best friend; and Father Elio, the village’s pillar of faith who is experiencing a spiritual crisis all his own. When Leo and Topo are forced to orchestrate a series of manmade miracles–each more botched than the last–the end results are truly…miraculous. THE MIRACLES OF SANTO FICO pours forth with the stories of a village that is rediscovering the beauty of life itself and the nature and meaning of miracles.AUTHORBIO: D. L. Smith lives in Oregon with his wife and two sons.

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