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Not getting the Book Club emails? April 19, 2014

Filed under: Housekeeping — lakelandreads @ 7:51 pm

If you are not receiving the Book Club email updates, please take a minute to enter your email address.  Scroll down until you see this box in the right hand column and enter your email address.  By entering your email address here, you will get Book Club notices when the blog is updated.  (You won’t get other spam from this site!)

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Existing Members:  To be added to the group list, please provide the following information.  (Please note:  New members are welcome, but membership is not guaranteed.  If you live in North Idaho and would like to talk to us about whether or not you will be a good fit for our Book Club, please indicate that in the comments.  If you were invited by an existing member, please mention who invited you in the comments field as well.)


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