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All Rain, No Mud / Babylon Rising: The Edge of Darkness | September, 2008 September 1, 2008

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All Rain, No Mud: Simple Secrets for Happiness… Even On Rainy Days by Sharon G. Larson and Babylon Rising: The Edge of Darkness by Tim LaHaye

Selected by Valoree Hamilton


From (All Rain, No Mud):

“For most of us, life hasn’t turned out exactly the way we dreamed it would when we were fourteen. At least mine hasn’t,” admits author Sharon Larsen. But rather than dwell on unfulfilled dreams, her gentle insights suggest ways to reframe and revitalize our lives. With captivating honesty she shares experiences that have taught her to live a happier, more harmonious life by discovering unexpected pleasures, redefining success, moving beyond the past, creating reasons to celebrate, and living more confidently and comfortably with herself. Her unique perspective helps replace feelings of self-pity, resentment, and guilt with a healthy and positive outlook on life–even on rainy days.

From (Babylon Rising: The Edge of Darkness):

Tim LaHaye’s most exciting series ever, Babylon Rising, continues with this explosive new installment, including more revelations than ever before. In The Edge of Darkness, LaHaye reveals the meaning behind some of the most carefully guarded Biblical prophecies to expose a conspiracy with terrifying consequences for our modern world.

This time Michael Murphy sets off in search of the Lost Temple of Dagon and the dark secrets of the strange god once worshipped by the ancient Philistines. His quest will lead to a final confrontation with an old enemy and uncover one of the Bible’s most feared warnings–a prophecy of false miracles, false messiahs, and ultimate evil that will be fulfilled in our time…and that not even Murphy can stop once it’s begun.

Once again Tim LaHaye combines his unmatched insight into Biblical prophecy with his unique skills as a master storyteller to deliver a suspense thriller of nonstop action with a thought-provoking message for our troubled times.

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All Rain, No Mud                  Babylon Rising: The Edge of Darkness